When is it time to choose wood flooring restoration?

Wooden floors can look very beautiful, but they can also be a lot of work to maintain. There are many ways that your wood flooring can lose its shine - from spillages and scratches, to pet stains and scuffs.   

As with any flooring, wood can deteriorate over time and require restoration. Choosing the best time to do this is important, and there are signs that you can look out for that indicate they need attention, sooner rather than later. 

Some tips to help you identify it's time for your wood floor restoration   

Moisture stains
- If you notice moisture stains on the surface then its possible the cause is water leaking through windows or the roof. A drip or two at a time might not be noticed but over time this can stain and cause damage.   

Damaged top coat  - You may have areas of your floor where the coating has been chipped or removed. If this is the case then it’s something that needs your attention right away to prevent further damage from occurring.  

Rusty nails and screws - Older wooden floors often have nails and screws in them, which tend to rust over time. And whilst this does not affect the durability of the floor itself, they must be removed because rusty nails can damage your rug or carpet.   

Dull flooring - Perhaps you have dull spots on the top coat of your floor that remains even after you’ve cleaned it. If so it’s likely the lacquer needs attention.  

Squeaky floorboards - Do your floorboards squeak or creak when stepped on?. This could indicate that the top coat has delaminated, and if so you should get it refinished.    

Colour change - If you have a noticeable colour difference between one area of the floor and another - especially if you've restored a portion of it previously, then there may be some spots that need further attention.   

The time has come to restore your floor - If more than 10 years have elapsed since the last time you restored or recoated your wood floors, then it's definitely time to do so again.   The first and most important step in restoring any type of wood flooring is to identify which wood you have. The most common wooden flooring includes; solid wood, plywood, engineered wood, Asian hardwood and cork flooring. All of these floors require varying degrees of care and maintenance. If you are not clear about what kind of floor you have, then consult a professional before taking any action.   

Wood floor restoration by professionals   When you are searching for the best flooring supplier for your home or business, a professional quality service is a must. Southern Cross Flooring provides high-quality products and services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.   With a prearranged site visit, Southern Cross Flooring’s team will assess your flooring and establish what work (if any) should be conducted. They’ll be able to show you wooden samples before supplying a fully detailed quote. Southern Cross Flooring makes sure their customers are fully informed of their step-by-step process, to ensure they know exactly what to expect before any work commences.   

Southern Cross Flooring’s wood floor restoration begins with the sanding process, which is completed using efficient machinery that features effective extraction systems, to make sure your property remains dust-free.   When sanding floorboards, varying grits of sandpaper are used to sand-down the existing surface. The wood is then buffed until flat and smooth - sealing with chosen products as necessary, and then dried, depending upon the desired look / finish required.   In addition to the sanding as described above, Southern Cross Flooring’s wooden flooring restoration services also include : 

  ●  Removing and disposing of existing flooring (including carpets, wooden floors and laminates)

●  Repairs and gap-filling. If required, they can fill any gaps between flooring with a synthetic material that’s combined with sawdust. They also replace, or fix-down, loose and damaged boards where needed.

● Guaranteed, quality work. Southern Cross Flooring will ensure that the job gets completed on time and at the price quoted. If they uncover any unforeseen extra work, these will be communicated with you before work continues.   

●  Dust-free service. You needn't worry about dust as the entire area will be sealed-off with plastic sheeting before the floor is sanded with machinery. Powerful dust extractors on all tools keep your home unpolluted by dust.

● Southern Cross Flooring’s finishing team will go over your floor with varying levels of sanding grit until your floor is perfectly smooth.

Contact Southern Cross Flooring for high quality restoration of your wooden floors, with minimum disruption.

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