All you need to know about Parquet flooring installation

The variety of different parquet floor installations you can choose between is virtually unlimited, and choosing which is right for your home takes some careful consideration. If you opt for a herringbone floor installation it can be made out of a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl planks, or tiles. Hardwood herringbone flooring installation is perhaps the most classic choice, but it also perhaps the most expensive and labour intensive choice too. For those more experienced with DIY, laminate parquet floor installation is a fantastic alternative as it is less expensive and easier to install than hardwood flooring.

The History of the Herringbone Pattern The legendary herringbone pattern dates back to Roman times, when it was used to lay bricks to create strong, sturdy highways. The design was not utilised in flooring until the 16th century, after which it became popular until the second half of the 18th century. Herringbone wood flooring was once reserved for affluent aristocrats, and could be found in castles, palaces and mansions all throughout Europe.

Although purists argue that parquet patterns have no place in modern architecture, most designers disagree. The reality is that herringbone can completely change an area by providing a new layer of texture and a feeling of movement. 
Hardwood Herringbone Flooring Installation Vs. Laminates 

Laminate wood flooring isn't made of solid wood, instead it consists of fibreboard planks that have a wooden texture printed on one side of them, and a clear lacquered layer on the other. 

Laminate wood flooring is available in a wide range of colours and species of wood, including exotic ones. Because laminate flooring planks join together effortlessly, and do not require nails or glue, it makes for a straightforward DIY job. Solid hardwood on the hand, really necessitates the need for expert installation, especially if it's a large area that needs to be covered. 

Laminate flooring is usually constructed on top of a plywood substrate, although it can also be installed over existing flooring too. Some laminate floors, unlike solid hardwood and most engineered hardwood floors, can be installed in high-moisture areas such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Laminate flooring has, on average, a 10-year lifespan, whereas solid hardwood flooring may be refinished several times, ensuring that it lasts for generations. Once your hardwood herringbone flooring installation is complete, it is extremely simple to keep clean and will be water-resistant, scratch-resistant and dent-resistant. Herringbone flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas around the home.

Your Design Guide To Parquet Flooring in Hampton & Twickenham. Decorative parquet is making a comeback, thanks to geometric, herringbone and mosaic patterns formed from inlaid hardwood. What is the explanation for this? - A passion for natural materials and traditional workmanship.

If you want to create a statement in one of your rooms, what are you waiting for!?

A parquet floor installation is just what you need. In big entryways and bedrooms where flooring is a main feature, more complicated motifs like Greek keys, stars, or sunbursts give an intriguing flourish.

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